claire - eleven months old!

Claire at eleven months - November 24, 2012
I can't believe my sweet girl is going to be 1 in less than a month! Enter Mommy denial, pronto...
Weight/Height: I weighed Claire yesterday on our bathroom scale and she came in at 19lbs 6 oz. I haven't a clue how tall she is, but all of her pants are becoming high waters so I'm thinking a growth spurt has taken place!

Clothes: 9 month sleepers are still comfortable, and Claire's 6 month pants are rapidly becoming too short. Momma needs to go buy some new 9 month pants, but it seems like I just bought these! Claire can still fit in most 6-9 month onesies and outfits. She's getting taller, but still has the cutest little round belly. I just love that belly!

Eating Habits
: Mid-month, Claire wasn't eating as well and wasn't finishing most of her bottles. She's made a turnaround now and sucks them all dry! 6-7 oz, 4 times a day.

Claire mostly eats anything and everything. She eats some homemade and some store bought baby food, along with bits and pieces of anything we can find to give her. She still makes a big mess, but she's learning!

And, when she's hungry, the kid will eat. But when she's not, she won't touch a thing. Good habit to form, I know. 

Sleep: Still sleeping pretty well. There are spurts of fussy nights but I can attribute those to teething - or a lingering cough. She sleeps from 8 - 8:30 pm til I wake her up at 6:45 am on weekdays. She gets up between 7:30 and 8 on the weekends. Claire will occasionally wake during the night and mostly puts herself back to sleep. If she can't, a quick paci hunt can solve the problem. I've woken up several times to her musical seahorse playing. It's so cute to see her find him in the crib and turn it on.

: Sigh...still no teeth. I keep telling Bob that I'm expecting a full mouth of teeth when these babies finally pop through! For all the drooling, sucking, biting and fussing she's doing - more than one better make an appearance. And soon, please!

Biggest accomplishment: Completely pulling up. Claire is also trying to "walk." She pushes her little car around the kitchen. She only gets a couple of steps before she falls, but she's still trying.

Claire is also mimicking us. It's fun and funny. She'll echo words that we say in a sing song voice, and she loves to make the "uhhh" noise with her daddy.

  • Clapping
  • Gerber Puffs and Veggie Sticks
  • Her musical seahorse
  • People watching when we're out
  • Bathtime
  • Her red rubber duckie
  • Driving her car around the kitchen
  • The puppies - new this month. Claire really has seemed to take notice of Grace and Tanner.

  • Having her nose cleaned - oh, the fights we have to clean out boogers.
  • The end of bathtime when Mommy pulls the rubber duckie out of her hand and leaves it in the bathtub
  • Her carseat - I think this has passed. A new carseat seems to have done the trick. But when Claire is ready to get out, she lets you know.
  • When Mommy or Daddy leaves the room - this has really upped this month. I think a little separation anxiety has set in. Especially with Mommy. Clarire still does fine when we leave her at daycare but if we get out of her sight for a minute at home, she lets us know that she misses us. And loudly.  
Favorite Moments: Claire's first Halloween! She was a marshmallow (as part of our s'more family) and a duck. Visiting with her boyfriend Neil and Mommy's friends, Aunties Chelle and Shannon! Claire's first Thanksgiving on the farm with Alli and Pop.

Doctor's Orders: No doctor's visits this month! Thank goodness! We've maxed out our coverage for the year and are now paying out of pocket, so we're trying to stay healthy for another month.

Other Tidbits:
  • Momma is in party-planning mode! Claire will be celebrating with a "Winter ONEderland" on December 15th. More to come on that...
  • This little girl has stuck her tongue out from day 1 and is still doing it. It gives me a little complex thinking she's going to go to kindergarten with her tongue stuck out, but it's also pretty adorable.



a thursday video

Watch out, blog world, I've finally figured out how to upload videos. Don't judge me by how long it took me to figure this out!

Without further ado...Claire...driving.


trick or treat

We didn't actually trick or treat, but Claire wore her duck costume like a champ for, oh, 10 minutes or so. :)