dear claire

Dear Claire,

Sweet baby girl. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sleeping through the night last night for the first time in a while. Please do it again tonight.

I love you,

PS - Also, can you work on not screaming as we approach your classroom door at school? I think you're scaring all the kids that are already there. Please and thank you.



This post is a little belated, but Bob and I had the opportunity to take a little trip to Miami earlier this last month. It was much needed.

The purpose of our trip was a little game called the BCS National Championship. You might have heard about it.

We're very aware that non-Alabama fans are sick of watching us go to that game, but as this was their third time in four years, Bob and I felt like we HAD to go this year or risk not getting to go for a long time. Or ever.

Thankfully, a good deal on tickets and grandparents willing to play babysitter allowed us to do so.

It was a short trip. We flew to Orlando to save a little money and rented a Ford Mustang to drive down to Miami.

We beached.

We ate.

We tailgated and ran into old friends.

And, we won!

Definitley a trip for the books. Not sure if we'll make it to another National Championship game (we'll see!), but I am SO glad we went.