halloween - better late than never

We started out Halloween evening with a sad little ladybug...

An ear infection will do that to you.

But, a little Tylenol, and she warmed right up to her costume. 

And the ensuing trick or treating (one neighbor + Daddy).


Although last year's costume was hard to beat, I think she makes a sweet little ladybug! 

Oct. 31, 2012


Claire Talk

Claire's vocabulary has just exploded lately. I just love her sweet little almost two-year-old voice.

Some of my favorite things Claire is saying these days...

  • "Garaff" - Giraffe. Claire's favorite.
  • "I getch you!" - I'm gonna get you! Momma's favorite.
  • "Ephan"- Elephant
  • "Funneee!" - Pronounced correctly and usually when other people are laughing. "Mama, funneee!"
  • "Happee!"- Love this one. Usually a request for "If You're Happy and You Know It."
  • "Klay" - Claire
  • "Momma sit", followed by "Dadda sit", "klay sit." Claire is nothing if not equal opportunity. Everyone has to do everything every time. (Also interchangeable with "Momma sing" or "Dadda eat".) Sometimes even "Graceeee" and "Tannuh" get turns. 

*No, I'm not going to even acknowledge the lapse in blogging over the last few months. I have a toddler.


claire tidbits - 14ish months

Just a few things I want to remember about Claire at this exhausting fun age (14 1/2 months)...

...Dog is absolutely her favorite word. Although she says it like "Doeg." Precious. And most any creature is a dog. She also says Dada (repeatedly), Uh-oh, Dis (This) and we've heard Duck a few times now. Her daycare teacher says she can say Ball but we haven't heard that. She'll occasionally bust out with a Mama, but usually only when she's upset that I took something away or walked away. Claire also tries to repeat Thank You when we say it first, but I think only we can understand that one.

...Speaking of school...it took a few weeks for Claire to get used to her new school, but she is loving it now and so are we. She walks in each day like she owns the place! And I think she might...her teacher seems to love her as much as we do!

...Claire is loving her Loveys these days! Thankfully, she doesn't seem to be attached to any one in particular - she just likes to drag whichever one is nearest (or both of them) around with her and sleeps with one every night. I think I am going to order an extra of my favorite just to have on hand - we already lost one at Kohl's when visiting Grandma and Grandpa.

...Claire has stayed with Grandma and Grandpa twice this year already, most recently while we went on a cruise for a week. It took her a few days to adjust, but I am100% certain that she missed them when we got her back. In particular, she bonded very well with Grandpa. They loved playing piano together.

...Claire likes to brush her hair and play with her toothbrush. She's let me "brush" her teeth, but mostly she just plays with it.

...Reading is So. Much. Fun. Especially the same books over. and. over. again. I could recite Llama Llama Red Pajama in my sleep. Board books are our favorite. We could use a few new ones...and a bookshelf to store them on.

I could just eat that little belly up.
...Baby girl weighed 20.5 lbs at her appointment last week. She eats, but she's still so petite. She wears 12 month jammies and 9 or 12 month outfits. I'm not buying any more 9 months, but the 12's are too big still. She definitely grows out of the pants (length) first. 


dear claire

Dear Claire,

Sweet baby girl. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sleeping through the night last night for the first time in a while. Please do it again tonight.

I love you,

PS - Also, can you work on not screaming as we approach your classroom door at school? I think you're scaring all the kids that are already there. Please and thank you.



This post is a little belated, but Bob and I had the opportunity to take a little trip to Miami earlier this last month. It was much needed.

The purpose of our trip was a little game called the BCS National Championship. You might have heard about it.

We're very aware that non-Alabama fans are sick of watching us go to that game, but as this was their third time in four years, Bob and I felt like we HAD to go this year or risk not getting to go for a long time. Or ever.

Thankfully, a good deal on tickets and grandparents willing to play babysitter allowed us to do so.

It was a short trip. We flew to Orlando to save a little money and rented a Ford Mustang to drive down to Miami.

We beached.

We ate.

We tailgated and ran into old friends.

And, we won!

Definitley a trip for the books. Not sure if we'll make it to another National Championship game (we'll see!), but I am SO glad we went.