Claire Talk

Claire's vocabulary has just exploded lately. I just love her sweet little almost two-year-old voice.

Some of my favorite things Claire is saying these days...

  • "Garaff" - Giraffe. Claire's favorite.
  • "I getch you!" - I'm gonna get you! Momma's favorite.
  • "Ephan"- Elephant
  • "Funneee!" - Pronounced correctly and usually when other people are laughing. "Mama, funneee!"
  • "Happee!"- Love this one. Usually a request for "If You're Happy and You Know It."
  • "Klay" - Claire
  • "Momma sit", followed by "Dadda sit", "klay sit." Claire is nothing if not equal opportunity. Everyone has to do everything every time. (Also interchangeable with "Momma sing" or "Dadda eat".) Sometimes even "Graceeee" and "Tannuh" get turns. 

*No, I'm not going to even acknowledge the lapse in blogging over the last few months. I have a toddler.

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