crayon monogram

I'm a little behind on the blogging but a few weeks ago, I felt kind of crafty and wanted to make something. Now, I know my limitations, and craftiness just isn't really me, but I saw this cute idea on Pinterest and decided that my sweet friend Kim, a first-grade teacher, just had to have it for her room. Thankfully, I got my act together and she received it in the mail just around the time school started.

It was such an easy, fun project. I bought crayons that were on a back-to-school sale and used cardstock as the background. I used a shadowbox to frame it b/c I thought it would protect it from little hands.

I printed the outline of a "J" on the cardstock, then used an X-acto knife to cut my crayons to the desired size. I didn't bother sanding the edges - the X-acto knife provided a clean enough edge for me. Then, glued them to the paper and ta-da! Easy as pie. 



  1. That's so cute Val!

  2. It came out so cute! I bet Kim loved it.


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