loaded question

Well...gulp...it's happened.

Seeing as two complete strangers have now commented on my rapidly expanding mid-section, I guess I'm due for a belly pic. I'm not going to lie, as much as I wanted to get past the "is she pregnant or just fat?" part, it's pretty unnerving for random people to just assume. Especially since I still just feel fat.

So here she is...
17 weeks, 1 day

And, for the curious, here are how said conversations transpired.

Random Comment #1:

The Scene: Val and Shannon minding their own business, riding up the elevator after eating a normal-sized lunch, obviously relaxed (i.e. Val not sucking in).

Random Middle-Aged Woman #1: Awww, someone has a bun growing in their belly.

Val: Uhhhh, ehhhh. (Nervous laughter.)
Random Comment #2:

The Scene: Val walking solo downtown yesterday during lunch to run an errand. Not really paying attention, just trying to avoid hitting oncoming pedestrians on the sidewalk, probably looking at my phone.

Random Middle-Aged Woman #2 Wearing Dress Clothes and Sneakers: Wooeee, looking good, Mama!

Val: Uhhhh, ehhhh. (Thinking, Is she talking to me? and trying not to face-plant on the sidewalk.)

Clearly I don't recover well.

Seriously, though. I'm not that big yet. What ever happened to not asking or making a comment unless you were sure someone was pregnant?


  1. I knew what this one was about just from the title! While I do agree it is rude to ask or assume - but, maybe these are people that have passed you before that might recognize but now know you. I am sure it is hard having people assume you are pregnant but take it as a compliment! What they are really say is that you don't look fat - you look like you are carrying little Baby S in that belly!

  2. Is it bad, that Loaded Questions immediately made me think of a Loaded Potato? Can you say yummy? Anyway, I think you look great, and thankfully I have still not be accosted by random strangers concerning the state of my belly.

  3. Sweet Val! You don't look fat, you look pregnant. I love your nervous laughter. I suppose if you wanted to be cruel, you could tell them you aren't pregnant. :)


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