24 weeks

I'm technically 25 weeks now, but here's a recap from 24 weeks pregnant.

I can tell that I've really "popped" over the last few weeks. My belly is out there and in the way!

My 24 week belly in all it's glory.
And, because I never got around to posting it, here she is at 19 weeks.

24 weeks with Baby Girl Somerville

News: My 24 week doctor's appointment was uneventful. I heard her heartbeat again and was measured and everything looks good.

Baby Girl has a name!  Claire Jane Somerville. I'm so glad we've picked a name. It feels so good to call her by name and to know who she is. For those who are curious, Jane is a family name. My mom's middle name and grandmother's first name are both Jane. I love having a little family history in her name. Claire is just a name Bob and I have always loved.

Symptoms: This is a great time in pregnancy. I don't want to complain too much b/c I know how good I have it and there's still a lot of time left, but my only bothers are this massive belly getting in my way and some back pain.
Weight Gain: A lot. No, seriously. 19 pounds. I have no idea where it is going, because I don't feel like I look like I've gained 19 pounds, but no one's told me to back off the cupcakes yet so I guess I'm okay. I have my diabetes test in 3 weeks, so I guess we'll see then. I honestly don't feel like I'm eating that much more than I used to. I've always been a bad eater - as in, I eat what I want - and nothings really changed!

Cravings: Again, nothing in particular. But I can eat Mexican food like it's my business. And I've noticed that jalapenos seem to really speak to me right now.

Aversions: Just strong smells. I’m trying to avoid cleaning out the fridge and leaving it up to Bob to throw away leftovers.
Sleep: I'm sleeping long and fairly well. I have to get up to visit the bathroom at least once a night, and sometimes it's hard to get comfortable after that but I can't complain.

I am loving: Shopping! We picked out fabrics and ordered nursery furniture over the past week and it's just so fun!

I really miss: Sleeping on my belly. And a cold beer during a football game would be nice.

Movement: She's moving all around these days! I love it. It's so fun to feel her kick me, especially when her timing is perfect - right after her Daddy says something she might not like or when someone says something sweet.

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