30 weeks

Before date night where we met another another couple who had just found out they were expecting, and we talked baby all night. ;)

30 weeks with Baby Girl Somerville (31 weeks now)

: I've started seeing the doctor every two weeks at this point. Not much to report other than I passed the gestational diabetes test - yah! Claire is measuring right on target and her heartbeat is strong every time. <3

Symptoms: Same as usual. I'm running out of breath VERY easily at this point and it sends my heartrate up, which is scary to me, but I've been assured it's normal. I've got to learn not to overdo it...which is hard for me.
Weight Gain: 20 lbs - we're headed on vacation this week, so I'm sure that number will skyrocket next update :P

Cravings: Nothing in particular - just food! I think I've entered the hungry all the time stage. I can't eat much in one sitting but I could eat just about any time of the day!

Aversions: None really.
Sleep: Not too bad. I wake up a few times a night to use the restroom, but I always go back to sleep. The worst part is just trying to find a comfortable position. Especially when Tanner sleeps in the bed with us. A queen size bed is not big enough for Bob, me and my pregnant belly, and Tanner. We will have a king-size bed before Baby #2 comes along!

I am loving: Setting up all her sweet stuff. We were so blessed with generous friends who threw me a wonderful baby shower. It's so fun to put together the stroller, swing, etc. and see her sweet little clothes hanging in the closet.

I really miss: Being comfortable and being able to breathe :)

Movement: Claire loves to move around - and I love it. I'll admit, there are times when I wish she would take a break, but mostly I'm enjoying watching my tummy roll around and knowing she's getting stronger.

Here I am again - I don't feel THAT big, but when I see pictures, I know I am!


  1. Love your updates! I wish I would have been better about it myself.
    I agree about the pictures though, I always think to myself, "hmm...I don't feel very big at all." Then I see the photos and I see the real story.

  2. You look great!!! You too Chelle, neither of you look "big"! Its almost time!!!

  3. You look so great and happy! I love the updates on you and Claire!


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