in thankfulness of heart: days 8 - 9

day 8: I am thankful for Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes. They're not even that good, but when I see them in the store, I can't control myself!


day 9: Today, I am thankful for this girl:

She's a sweet, sweet girl and although we struggle over who's the female head of house, I love her! And...today she is 10 years old. 10! I still remember meeting her for the first time at Bob's apartment in college (pre Bob + Val). She ran circles around the room and chased me off the couch. She let me know pretty quickly that she was the only woman in Bob's life, and I think she'd prefer it still be that way today! Happy Birthday, Grace-dog!

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  1. For some reason I love those little christmas tree cakes! Happy birthday to Grace!


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