babymoon in mexico

Way back in November, Bob and (a very pregnant) I took off  for the warm skies and beautiful water of Cancun.

We stayed at the beautiful Dreams Cancun Resort, which offered swimming with dolphins (which you can't do pregnant). They were beautiful to watch.
We had a wonderful "babymoon", complete with sun, sand, drinks (cerveza for Bob, iced tea for me), delicious food and even a mariachi band! 

32 weeks pregnant - Oh. My. Goodness. And to think, I had another 6 weeks to grow!

Can't wait for the next vacation!


  1. I love the one of you and Claire in the black tank!!!

  2. We went to Cancun last summer and are going back this summer-- LOVED it!! And now I'm searching through these vacation blogs like some kind of junkie, looking for fellow Cancun people!! :) That dolphin swimming looks so amazing!!


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