claire - two months old!

Claire at two months - Feb. 24, 2012
Weight/Height: At her two month appointment last week, Claire was 8 lbs, 6 oz and 21 1/4 inches long. We're working on getting her weight up a bit. Little girl is petite and will probably stay that way, but we'd like her to be tipping the scales a little more!

Clothes: Still in newborn...probably for a while yet. I'm glad to get my money's worth out of the newborn clothes, but she has so many cute 0-3 month outfits in her dresser and in the closet, and right now they're all baggy on her! She's also still in the newborn diapers.

Eating Habits: Claire is eating every 3-4 hours and sometimes a small bottle in between to help her grow.

Sleep: In the past week, Claire has started sleeping for 6 hour stretches - hallelujah! She still has occasional bad nights, but we are mostly feeling a little more rested.

Eye Color: Still blue - if they stay that way, I think they will be a steel blue color. But I won't be surprised if she turns into a brown-eyed girl like her Mommy and Daddy.

Biggest accomplishment: Claire has rolled over several times now. Mostly when she has gotten sick of being on her tummy, but we're proud of her! We're also very proud of her for sleeping longer at night. Claire has also started grabbing onto toys that in her line of vision, like the monkey on her activity mat.

How We Spend Our Day: Claire and I usually wake around 7 for breakfast, then snuggle in the bed for a little while if we don't have anywhere to be. She is still eating every 3-4 hours. We have started going to the YMCA in the mornings to walk the track (Claire sleeps in a carrier on my chest). She usually takes a long nap around lunch time and then hangs out on her activity mat with Momma til Daddy comes home.

  • Claire still really likes her baths. She has taken a couple of tub baths with Momma and enjoys the warm water on her belly.
  • Conversations with Mommy and Daddy. Claire is giggling and smiling and cooing when we talk to her. She is really happy after she eats and is changed, and we are loving these times
  • When her pacifier falls out of her mouth. Baby girl hates this! We all can't wait til she's able to put it back in her mouth herself.

Favorite Moments
: Definitely the giggly, smiley time after feedings. Our baby girl is so happy and it is so amazing to see her smile and laugh. It's also been wonderful to be able to get out more this month. She's joined Momma for lunches with the girls, dinner at friends, dates with Daddy and a co-worker's birthday lunch.

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