claire - three months old!

Well, I've become one of those bloggers who only posts once a month and only about their kid, but, honestly, who would want to spend their time on the computer with this cutie staring at you? 

 I'm going to try to become a better blogger, if for nothing else than posterity. :)

Claire at three months - March 24, 2012
Weight/Height: At her last appointment, about 3 weeks ago, Claire weighed 9 lbs, 3 oz. She wasn't measured, but I can tell she has gotten longer. I'd say she's close to 10 lbs now and maybe an inch or two longer.

Clothes: FINALLY! Claire has bridged the gap to 0-3 month clothes! She can still wear a few of her newborn outfits, particularly the pants, and the 0-3 month clothes are baggy on her, but wearable. Momma is happy. We've started a box of things she's outgrown, and it's quickly filling up. I can't believe my little girl was that small!

Eating Habits: We've introduced formula in the last month, and Claire is now nursing only in the morning and at night. She'll eat formula or pumped breastmilk at daycare. This was a huge change for us this month and has provided a lot more flexibility for Mom. She is a champ and had no struggles switching to a bottle and has shown no allergies or sensitivities to the formula yet. I'm still happy with my feeding plan thus far, but this has been a great move for us in light of me returning to work.

Sleep: Knock on wood, but Claire is officially sleeping through the night...and has been all month. She goes down between 9 and 10 and wakes up between 5 and 7. We've completely dropped the nighttime feeding, unless she just has a bad night. Perfect timing since I started back to work today. She is looking like she will take after her Daddy in the sleep department.

Eye Color: Still blue, but definitely leaning towards a brown blue now.

Biggest accomplishment: Claire is so much more alert now. She follows people with her eyes and knows when her Momma has left the room. She is laughing and giggling and we are just eating up the conversations we have with her.

How We Spend Our Day: Lately, we are spending more of our days outside the house. No two days are the same, but Claire goes with the flow and is so easy at the store, gym or with friends.We are also very excited to be able to spend more time outside the house.

  • Looking at Mommy and Daddy and talking to them. We are apparently really funny!
  • Bathtime!
  • Being interrupted while eating to burp. Little girl squeals until we give her her bottle back!
  • The after bath routine - diaper, lotion, jammies. She'd much rather be in the water.
Favorite Moments: Claire and I have spent a lot of quality time together, but this month has definitely been the best. We took trips to Aliceville, Germantown and have spent lots of time with friends. Aunt Danielle and Uncle John came to visit and spoiled her. I really enjoyed just spending the time with her as my maternity leave wound down.

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  1. I have been waiting for this post! I am so happy to see Claire is growing and that you all are having fun!!


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