four years of being married to this guy...

LOVE him. And her.
It's been a great four years. I can't wait for the next four...and the next four...and the next four...

I have to say, though we've only, yet already, been married four years...this past one has been the best one yet.

It was around a year ago this time that we found out we would be expecting a beautiful baby.

Through pregnancy and becoming parents, it's been fun. sweet. amazing.

It just seems to keep getting better.

I don't sing Bob's praises near enough as he deserves them, but he really is the best. He picks up the slack when I drop it and does more for Claire and I than I imagine most men even think of doing. He cooks, cleans, entertains and provides.

And he's funny.

Of course, Claire laughs at him - she laughs at everyone! But he makes me laugh too...even when I don't want to. But he also knows when he's not funny. Sorry, Bob, sometimes my sense of humor is lacking.

I dare say, he knows me as well as I know myself. And though he might not ever understand me...he tries. 
And he loves us. Can you tell?

And we love him. For forever + 3 days...


  1. Awww!!! Happy Anniversary. :)

  2. i found your blog through Kelly's Korner. You have a cute blog!

  3. Hopping over from Kelly's Korner. You've got a beautiful family!


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