Stomach Bug: 2, Somervilles: 0

What does it mean when you go about your day perfectly fine, only to end the night in tears b/c you're so nauseous and despite blankets/sweatshirts, cannot get warm?

You curl up in bed, realize it's a stomach bug and pray that the hubby's business trip suddenly gets cancelled (despite the fact that he's already there and it's obviously. not. cancelled.).

What does it mean when your normally "regular" baby suddenly ups the count?

You try to convince yourself she's just teething, but it's official...you've passed the bug onto your sweet child, but luckily she's handling it much better than you did. (Seriously, I was on the brink of death.)

Mommy isn't this cute when she's sick.

Stomach Bug: 2, Somervilles: 0.  Welcome home, Bob!

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