september in review

October 1.  Yikes.

Where did September go?

I'll tell you where.

There was a trip to Dallas to see the Tide roll.

(Throw in a trip to the urgent care for Momma. Verdict: Strep throat and an upper respiratory infection. Roll Tide.)

Claire had a big time at home with Pop and Allie.

(Finished out the weekend with a little stomach bug for baby girl. Thankfully it passed, but the screaming in the middle of the night did not. So Claire's first doctor visit of the month was scheduled. Verdict: Perfect, as always. No ear infection, nothing but teething and a worried Momma.)

Then there was a visit from Uncle Craig. And Beauford.


(The work week saw Momma's second visit to the doctor for the month of September - Verdict: a persistent bug. Round 2 of antibiotics.)

Lots of sporting new crimson and white attire to cheer for Bama. 5-0.

The Somerville's made their first trip to Bobbie's Dairy Dip. And Claire had her first french fry.

Then Grandma and Grandpa came for a brief visit. A good time was had by all. And Claire wore her first pair of jeggings!

Then Momma headed to D.C. for a conference. (And Daddy headed to the doctor for the first time that month. Verdict: A severe sinus infection.)

Armed with medicine, bottles and a plethora of Puffs (Gerber, not tissues), Claire and Daddy came to meet Momma in D.C. for Ross and Sarah Michelle's big day!

Upon arrival back in Nashvegas, Daddy took Claire to her second doctor's appointment of the month - this time just a 9-month well baby check up and flu shot.

And Momma and Daddy went on a date to see Martina McBride perform at the Ryman for the first time in eight years. Love her.

Oh, and this little man turned 2!

By month's end, Claire is still teething, but as sweet as ever. Daddy has kicked his sinus infection and is taking care of the house as usual. And I'm on day 32 of not quite feeling myself, but I refuse to go to the doctor again. Post pregnancy has wreaked havoc on my immune system!

Whew! Bring on October! And hopefully a few less doctor's appointments.

(In the interest of getting this posted before, oh, November, these are all iPhone pics. 
Thank goodness for the iPhone.)


  1. Oh my goodness - those jeggings are so freakin' cute on her! She is such a lil doll!

  2. awwwwwwwwwwwww, I love her jeggings!!


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