urban funk...who me?

On another blog I read, E, Myself & I, Elizabeth shared the HomeGoods Stylescope...which was featured by Kathi Lee & Hoda recently. Side note: I can not STAND them. Hoda would be okay with KL, but b/c they're together, they drive me nuts. They are all that is wrong with daytime TV. 

Anyways, so I thought, "Sure, I could use a lesson in my decorating personality!" b/c, let's face it, I really have no sense of what my style is or should be...or if I even have one.

Plus I LOVE HomeGoods. Who doesn't? 

The result....

Urban funk with a touch of boho. Bahaha, yeah right. There's three words I would have NEVER used to describe me. Not that I don't like the style, just that it's not really me.

In all honesty, I had a hard time even picking five images that "spoke to me" (The site uses these to determine your style.).

Well...that was good for a laugh.

What's your style?

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