I'm in severe denial. Y'all, my little girl is a whole year old. Twelve months. Actually knocking on the door of thirteen. I feel like I just had her and she is already on the verge of walking...eating like a big girl...forming opinions...and making them known.

In my mind, it seems like I'm always a few steps behind with her. I think she is doing so good and is so advanced (b/c really, what mom doesn't think their kid is brilliant). Then I visit the cursed hallows of the Internet and find out that other moms have been doing that for months. To me, one year old is still so little to be doing some things. And, trust me, I know that kids do things at different ages. I'm not in the least bit worried about Claire. I'm worried about me!

Case in point right now: the sippy cup. All you non-experienced moms out there or mommas-to-bed, I ask you: At what age do you drop the bottle and switch to a sippy cup? My thought has always been one year. So here we are at one year, and we commenced Operation Sippy Cup this weekend. After a brief meltdown, a skipped meal and a couple of different kinds of sippy cups, we thought Claire had it.

She finished out the day on Saturday using sippy cups and had no problems on Sunday. Sure, she wasn't drinking as much as she might have out of a bottle, but it was enough.

Monday came. Refused her morning cup. Refused all cups at daycare until around 3:30. Teachers were worried so they called me, I was worried. She finally gave in around 3:30, but that was it. We gave her a bottle last night and again this morning because we don't want her to get dehydrated. Sent her to school with milk in sippy cups and back up bottles in the diaper bag just in case. Wish us luck.

Back to my point. I'm in denial. As much as I want her to make the switch seamlessly and as much as I can't wait to quit washing bottles, I can't believe she's old enough to do these things.

Y'all she ate macaroni, meatballs and green beans for dinner the other night. She's not big enough! But she scarfed them down.

And she's quite the little dancer. If You're Happy and You Know It and The Itsy Bitsy Spider really get her moving.

I know I'm biased but I love, love, LOVE this kid. 

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