the weekend

This weekend was...fun and exhausting.

Highlights:  Drinks with this girl at a new (to me) bar in East Nashville. Warning: Drinks are strong.

Dinner and dessert with this girl and that girl (and their hubbies). You know it's a good night when multiple bottles of wine are consumed, almost everyone cleans their plate and EVERYone orders dessert.

In between, Claire...

...stayed up late all night to make sure Daddy drank his water...

..stayed in her jammies all day b/c Mommy was tired (and prayed for springtime)...

...snuggled in Mommy's bed after Daddy had gone to work b/c Mommy was tired...

 ...and tested out Tanner's bed since he wasn't using it...everyone but Claire is tired.

Oh, and grew two new teeth and refused to sleep. :)

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