what i'm pinning

Thanks to Shannon, I am obsessed in love with  having a lot of fun on Pinterest these days!

Here's what I'm loving...

For the home...

Made from a window pane and scrapbook/wall paper! Courtesy

...for Baby's room...

Love this soft, sweet color palette. Courtesy
And this bolder one... Courtesy

...and, most importantly, for my ever-expanding tummy...

Jalapeno Popper Dip. I think I died a little when I saw this...and added it to my list of cravings. Courtesy
Followed by some sweetness. Easy Cookies and Cream Cake. Courtesy

I'm linking up to The Vintage Apple's bloghop today (thanks for the idea, Mols!) - follow me on Pinterest here!


  1. That nursery looks so peaceful!!

  2. I think I died a little over that dip as well. Let's get together. And make it. And eat it. ;)

  3. I pinned that dip last week! Haven't made it yet, but I'm super excited to try it out.
    I blogged about Buffalo Chicken Dip thats yummy too.
    Check it out.
    New to your blog!


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