37 weeks and a pregnant bob!

I'm full of excuses as to why I haven't posted any recent belly shots so I'll spare you - and sadly, I don't have actually have a 37 week one to post. I'll try to work on that.

However, the following pictures (from 33 weeks) are too funny not to post.

Enter "Bob with child"...

 He was the only man in our childbirth class "man" enough to try on the belly.

Doing the belly bump.
37 weeks with Baby Girl Somerville  

After writing this, I really hope this doesn't sound like a laundry list of complaints. I'm going to leave it, because it's the truth, but I am constantly reminded how blessed I am for getting to be a mommy of this little girl and for having a relatively easy pregnancy, so I don't want it to sound ungrateful. 
News: We are up to weekly visits at the doctor now which are getting progressively more exciting. Claire is right where she is supposed to be and will, hopefully, make progress each week. I cannot believe we have less than 3 weeks til her due date!

Symptoms: Whooeee...I could write a book now. I have been very lucky so far this pregnancy, but I think all the ailments are trying to play catch up now. Starting since about week 36. My stomach is HEAVY. It's exhausting. Bending over is now out of the question. I could sleep all the time. Or potty. We are running out of room in there so I can't eat as much, especially for dinner, and am breathless most of the time - especially when I get to talking which we all know I like to do. I'm definitely nesting, as Bob lovingly pointed out a few nights ago when I told him all the things that had to get done. Now. Oh, and I lest I forget: Swollen ankles made their appearance last Friday, which I am afraid is being followed by a puffy face. There are many, many more symptoms that I don't think anyone wants to hear about, but trust me, they are there!
Weight Gain: I gained 3 lbs this week (probably time to throw away all the Christmas sweets I've been munching on) after holding steady for a few weeks, so I am up to about 24 lbs gained.

Cravings: Nothing in particular - just still love to eat!

Aversions: Christmas shopping! Seriously, I thought I was going to make it through the season without going to the mall (Thank you, Amazon!) but I had to make a trip there this week and thought I was either a) going to die or b) kill someone else. I'm just full of holiday cheer!
Sleep: When I'm asleep, it's good. I'm waking up about four times a night on average to use the bathroom and getting out of bed is hard. Thankfully, we've moved Tanner out of the bed and onto the floor, so I have more room to roll myself out. But I am thankful to be able to sleep.

I am loving: Knowing that we are so close to meeting our sweet little girl! I am also loving her nursery. It is almost done - just waiting on baby - and I will post pictures when it is.

I really miss: Most everything right now - being comfortable, being able to breathe (I hope she drops soon!), sushi, beer, feet that aren't swollen and sore. I'm pretty much tired of being pregnant. Everything is just harder to do now. I realized when Bob was out of town this weekend how difficult it is to reach things or get up off the ground (or couch). It's much easier when he's here to help, but I'm not big on being dependent on someone else.

Movement: Claire is still quite the active little one. It's still amazing to me but b/c of her positioning, sometimes it hurts! I just imagine her in there, standing on her head, kicking me with her feet and punching me with her hands and it makes me laugh though. I wonder what she'll be like when she's out here. We might have a little gymnast or soccer player on our hands. Feeling her move and squirm and kick is definitely the best part of pregnancy!


  1. Those pics of Bob are HILARIOUS! Too cute! They should definitely be framed and hung in the nursery - ha!

  2. Can't wait to see little girl's arrival! Thank you for sharing cute photos!! :)

    Momo & Pinot mom

  3. Love, Love, LOVE that Bob tried on the belly! He's a hoot.


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