band room makeover

If you're on my Facebook, you may have already seen this, but a friend and former bandmate is the band director at Holt High School, very close to Tuscaloosa. This community was devastated by the April 27 tornadoes that ripped through Alabama and many of the children at that school lost everything.

The band program there, though full of talent, didn't have much in the way of equipment or practice space. Another teacher at the school recognized the need and entered the band program in the Crest + Oral-B Life Opens Up Project for The Rachael Ray Show.

And...they won! Check out this great video that aired on the show this morning - and take special note of Mr. Caddell - he's a great person and band director!

Here he is with Carter :)

(Sorry, I don't know to put the image of a non-YouTube video on Blogger!)

Warning: If you're pregnant or connected to the Tuscaloosa community, you will probably tear up! Double whammy for me!

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