claire - seven months old

Claire at seven months - July 24, 2012 
 Uh, I have a seven month old? How is that even possible? She was JUST born!

Weight/Height: I took Claire to the dr the day before her seven month birthday and she weighed in at 14 lbs, 8 oz! Little girl might FINALLY be catching up - I am so proud of her!

: We are definitley out of the 0-3 month clothes and mostly in 3-6, but some 3 months don't fit either. Claire graduated to 6 month jammies, but still fits in 3 month onesies and shorts.

Eating Habits: Same as last month as far as bottles go. Claire has now had rice cereal, squash, zucchini, carrots, peas, green beans, applesauce and peaches. She's a good little eater! Which might explain the weight gain. She has three "solid" meals a day now: rice cereal and applesauce for breakfast, 2 cubes of vegetables for lunch and 2 different vegetables or fruit for dinner. By far, Claire's favorites are zucchini and squash. She merely tolerates the rice cereal (with applesauce mixed in only) and peas.

Sleep: Claire is still a rockstar in the sleep department. 8:30p to about 6-7a most days. Some weekends, she sleeps longer. Her sleep has been interrupted a little bit lately due to a persistent cough, but she's such a good girl and goes back to sleep as soon as she gets those coughs out.

Eye Color: Mostly brown, but I still a see a hint of blue if she's wearing the right colors. It doesn't fit in this category, but I  have to record for posterity's sake that this poor child has a bald tiger stripe on the back of hear head. I can't even count how many people have commented on it! Here hair is coming in nicely on top and is long in the back...except this one area where she lays her head down! It's hilarious, but I also can't wait for it to grow in.

Biggest accomplishment:
  • The aforementioned eating habits are a big step. 
  • She's also trying harder to sit up - she sits up for about a minute before she topples over, and she is trying to pull herself to the sitting position now (but can't quite get there).
  • Claire enjoys her time in the exersaucer now. It's so cute to watch her jump around and really play with the toys. We usually put her in it while we eat dinner, and she jams the buttons so they play her favorite songs over and over.
  • Claire started rolling over very consistently at the beginning of the month and actually seems to enjoy being on her tummy now.
  • We think we've heard Dada a few times - though never directly to Bob.
How We Spend Our Day: Pretty much the same as last month as far as weekdays go.

On the weekends, we continue to take little girl anywhere and everywhere, but if we're home she naps for long stretches in her crib.

This is what happens when we try to pose with Mr. Bear!

  • Sophie the Giraffe
  • Rolling
  • Laughing
  • Being interrupted while eating (notice a pattern here?)
  • Not being the center of attention

Favorite Moments: This month we took Claire to the beach for the first time and really enjoyed seeing her interact with Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Danielle and Uncle John. Unfortunately, we paid the price when we got home b/c she was s-p-o-i-l-e-d for a week! Other than that brief time, she's been so much fun this month - really growing and acting like a little person! In fact, Bob and I often comment that she's such a "little person" now and we can't believe it!

Doctor's Orders: I took Claire to the doctor for a persistent cough right around her 7 month birthday. Fortunately (or un, depending on how you look at it), her ears look clear and so does everything else so no medicines to clear it up. We're waiting it out a bit longer, but we're all tired of hearing little girl cough so hard - most of all Claire!



  1. get a humidifier for her room, or if you & Bob suffer from allergies try a purifier to see if that helps her cough. Saige's cough cleared up after those 2 things (summer we do purifier, winter humidifier), because she didn't have as much drainage down her throat at night.

  2. We've been doing the humidifier in her room, but haven't tried a purifier.


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