yum yum

In the past few weeks, we've introduced Claire to solid foods. Solid is a little misleading as they're really a nasty, gooey mess, but I digress.

Starting with the ever popular rice cereal mixed with formula, we received a confused reaction at first....

Mom, what is this? And what am I eating off of? Where is my bottle?
 ...followed by delight...

...later followed by disinterest (this really doesn't taste that good).

We've since mixed the rice cereal with a little sugar free applesauce to make it more appealing.

Soon after, we started fresh squash, then zucchini and now carrots.

A lot of squash made it into her belly, but a lot made it ON her belly too!
So far squash has been a hit, zucchini is definitely Claire's favorite, and carrots are not on our top foods list. Although they're not too bad when mixed with a little of the delicious zucchini. 

We have found that what works for Claire is feeding her the food in between bottles. If she is too hungry or too full, she won't eat it. Makes sense, but it took us trying a few things to figure it out. Claire now gets three meals a day in addition to her bottles. Rice cereal with applesauce for breakfast (though I am going to switch to oatmeal after this box is finished) and vegetables for lunch and dinner.

Next up...green beans!


  1. I'm jealous she likes squash! Carter hates squash and peas, but loves carrots and sweet potatoes. We've started mixing the peas with sweet potatoes and will probably start mixing squash and carrots soon. Beans is our next stop too!

  2. It's funny - I would think it all tastes good after that nasty formula!


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