tanner's big debut

Tanner made his debut in the blog world today! His picture appeared on Cavalier King Charles Spaniel-a-Day.

Hop on over, and check him out! Don't forget to look at all the other pretty Cavaliers featured on the site.


And, can't forget my sweet Grace -  here she is with Tanner one of the first nights he came to live with us. Love these babies!


  1. I see you young Tanner.... and you darling Grace. You looked unforgetable :-) x x x
    lots of love AMIE SOTO BLOSSOM X

  2. Thanks so much for stopping Sew Super Sweet earlier today and for the super nice comment on my apron party favors! I haven't considered a tutorial before, but maybe you've just given me the little push I need! Thanks again!

    And I LOVE your puppies! I have two Cavaliers and my husband and I are in LOVE with them, they are such great dogs. But I love all dogs, so I love reading about your Grace too. I wrote about mine being two of my most favorite things...stop by if you get a chance!



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