it's a zoo out there

I've been wanting to visit the Nashville Zoo for some time and with family in town this weekend, it was the perfect opportunity Plus, having kids along makes everything even more fun!

Bob's mom and dad, sister Mary, and our nephews David (4 1/2) and Grant (almost 2), and niece Lucy (almost 1) came to visit from Alabama and we made the most of the day Saturday at the zoo.

I'll have to preface this post by saying that my camera took a turn for the worst this weekend. So much for the rice method. It worked until halfway through our zoo trip and then the screen went all fuzzy. I was able to rescue the pictures I'd already taken but missed a lot of the fun stuff from the afternoon. And I didn't get many pictures of my sweet nephews and niece at all. :(

So, without further adieu...

This boy had a lot of fun.
Meerkats - there was a whole family of baby meerkats that followed their Momma around like baby ducklings.

Eland - learn something new everyday.

Grant was like a little monkey in the Jungle Gym!

The closest I could get to see the giraffes. The baby giraffe was out too. :)

David says he loves to ride wolves. I picked a zebra.

Sweet girl

Among my other favorites were the elephants and a very amusing show that almost looked choreographed by a pair of talkative gibbons! I am looking forward to going back with a working camera to capture a little more of the wildlife.


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