book mark: black heels to tractor wheels

Simple: I loved it. What an easy, entertaining read. And even better that Black Heels to Tractor Wheels is based on one woman's (and man's) real-life Cinderella story. And one who is arguably the most talked about blogger out there. Seriously, almost everyone I know reads Pioneer Woman's blog. And if they don't read it regularly, they've read it on occasion. Or cooked one of her recipes. Or have at least heard of her.

But back to the book. It's a riveting account of Ree's journey to marriage and beyond with Marlboro Man. It's refreshingly honest and surprising, filled with the ups and downs that accompany falling in love.


I'd love to hear Marlboro Man's side of the story - as always, he seems so perfect, so charming, while Ree is portrayed as a fool in love...I wonder what he remembers. Her account of the disastrous dates that led up to him falling madly in love with her are hilarious and endearing.

The critics say you could read much of the story on PW's blog - but if you're like me and haven't, it's all fresh material. Buy it, download it, borrow it, whatever. It's a quick read that you won't want to put down.


  1. I loved reading their story! I think we should start a book club!

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