a few things

1. Bob and I had to cancel a planned vacation to Savannah this weekend, because, unfortunately, my grandmother passed away and we had to travel to New York instead. I will miss Grandma Tess so, so much, but are so thankful that I had her for 28 years and that she is no longer in pain.

I could do a whole post on her life with my Grandpa. What an amazing life they led. It's such a testament to her character the people that showed up for her funeral...her hairdresser, their real estate agent, Grandpa's flying buddies, my dad's childhood friends, etc.

Isn't she beautiful? She met my Grandpa when she was 14 and they had been married for 69 years. 69! I can't even imagine knowing someone for 69 years, let alone be married that long.

2. As a result, we are exhausted and emotional. Dreaming of a vacation to someone warm and relaxing. Like maybe...

Cabo San Lucas? Courtesy


Saint Lucia? Courtesy

3. On the flights, I finished this book on my Nook - "Too Good to be True" by Kristan Higgins. It was surprisingly cute for a random book I picked from the library and I'll probably read more by the same author. Next up..."Saving Gracie," on recommendation from my friend Leigh, who has similar reading tastes as I. By the cover, I'm already hooked. :)

4. Did you see the new Bachelorette? Or maybe I'm the only one who still watches that show. Love. It. Wow, drunk guy. Glad she sent him packing. Not seeing the attraction to Bentley but, hey, whatever floats your boat. Glad she kept him around for the drama factor. I'm sorry if she gets hurt, but, hey, she was warned!

I'm liking JP so far. He was so cute when he got out of the limo - so nervous! I love when attractive, seemingly confident guys get nervous.

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