life's a beach

For the Fourth, we took our annual trip to the beach with my side of the family. Though we missed my brother, we were glad to spend time with my parents, sister and brother-in-law. 
We spent our time on my dad's boat, in the water, at the beach, shopping (the girls), golfing (the boys) and at the pool. Oh, and eating. Baby S and I like to eat and, luckily, so does my family! Fruit Pizza was the hit of the weekend - recipe to come!

As usual, I'm terrible at taking my camera out - plus I didn't want to risk the sand and water - but I did take these few pictures from the balcony of my parent's condo on our last night.

It was Tanner's first trip to the beach. Unfortunately, we had to leave Grace behind. There's a weight limit on dogs at my parent's condo and she exceeds it by just a little. :(

He loved being out on the balcony, feeling the wind in his hair...

What oil spill? Perdido Key is just as beautiful as ever.


It was a Cavalier reunion. This picture really shows their personalities. Laid-back Murphy and hyperactive Tanner!

Bailey would rather be inside in the A/C.

Thanks for a great trip, Mom and Dad! Next year, we'll have a six-month old along for our annual 4th of July vacation!


  1. Looks like you guys had such a fun trip!

  2. A Cavalier meet up is always the best kind of get together. The tri has very similar expression and eyes to my Kodee.

  3. Looks like fun! Congratulations on the baby!! I am sure Tanner and Grace are excited for their new little sibling. :-)


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