what i've learned...

...in the past 15 weeks.

FYI, I wrote most of this post before you all even knew I was pregnant (most of you anyway) in the height of the first trimester "yuckiness." Consider this my warning to all of you future-pregnant women :)

1. water is gross. especially lukewarm water. I can drink tons of water on any given day. tell me I need to drink XX oz a day...not going to happen.

2. large chunks of meat are quite possibly the grossest thing there is. Steak? Grilled Chicken? No, thank you.

3. pickles are a pregnant woman's gift from God.

4. milkshakes for breakfast are a.ma.zing.

5. husbands who clean and cook while you lie on the couch nightly are also a gift from God. I would trade all the pickles in the world for that gift.

6. it's possible to feel excitement, fear, anxiety, bliss, exhilaration and just about every emotion you could imagine at. the. same. time.

7. pregnant women really can cry at anything. And the things that set those tears up? Like the sushi place being closed? Woah, nellie. All I can say is, poor Bob.

8. grandchildren are really the happiest thing in the world for parents. Even in the midst of immense grief, my mom and dad really showed me how much they love me and this baby already.

9. prenatal vitamins are nasty. Holding your nose, taking a drink and THEN inserting the vitamin in your mouth actually helps. (Thanks for that tip, Bob.) And if all else fails, get the very expensive, easy-to-swallow ones from your doctor.

10. there is a shocking amount of my pants that (worn with an appropriate length top) that can be unbuttoned for the entire day without anyone noticing.

11. pregnant women aren't (as I previously assumed) wimpy. It's possible to get up at the last possible minute for work, sit at a desk all day, take a nap at work (kidding!), come straight home, take a power nap, eat dinner and go right to bed. And still be tired.

12. maternity clothes are scary.

13. sometimes the sweetest sight in the world can be found in the dashboard of my husband's car when I borrowed it one day making the nausea and exhaustion really feel worth it:



  1. Oh my gosh, #13 made me tear up!! (no, I'm not pregnant... regardless of how many times we've been in the bathroom at the same time!)

  2. Love this post!!!! Thanks for sharing :) my sister crued over food too although it was not a restaurant closing. Food is very important to you pregnant ladies :)

  3. This is my favorite post yet. ;) I already think uncooked meat is gross so what will I be like pregnant? I love Baby S so much. And the picture in Bob's truck? Tears. Miss you friend.

  4. Sweet Bob. Thanks for sharing the bad parts of pregnancy, too. I am counting on you to paint a realistic picture for me.


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