salted caramel ice cream...check!

We enjoyed a lot of wonderful time with friends this past weekend...dinner and dessert with Katie and Jon, and a girl's day/boy's golf with Amanda and Dave, respectively, followed by dinner all together.

- We tried a delicious new "Boston" seafood restaurant in East Nashville with Katie and Jon - I would definitely recommend it. Batter'd & Fried had a great ambiance and the food was yummy! If you're the sushi type, try the Green Goddess Roll - YUM!


- Saturday night was reserved for fried pickles with the Chaney's, and they did not disappoint! Despite a long day of golfing and pedicures (don't laugh, it's hard work not kicking the pedicurist when she tickles your foot!), we had some great conversations and got some valuable advice from Daddy Chaney - and can't forget dining alongside some of Hendersonville's finest (ducks, that is). If you're up that way, check out Barefoot Charlies Crab Cake Melt and Chicken Quesadilla - you'll be glad you did!


But I have to say, the highlight of the weekend (food-wise of course, the company was all fantastic) was our inaugural trip to Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream. You might remember my craving for all things salted caramel...well, Katie helped me satisfy that one Friday night! Despite a long line, it was worth the wait! 

Naturally, the only pictures I took centered around this delectable treat!

Jeni's has quite an assortment of flavors! Some of them sound amazing...some (like Queen City Cayenne?) are not quite my cup of tea! But the employees are very friendly and let you try as many as you want!

Ready for ice cream!
My cone - The Buckeye State on top, followed by (what else?!) Salted Caramel.
Bob's three scoops of Buckeye State deliciousness! Can't get any better than Peanut Butter and Chocolate!
If you're headed that way, be prepared for a wait, but I'd suggest trying any of the above or the Lemon Raspberry - amazing! Oh, and b/c I'm sure you're curious - the Salted Caramel was a-mazing. Just the right amount of salt, caramel and a slightly burnt taste (which sounds strange, but it surprisingly perfect)! I'm sure the baby will want to go back for more...

Thanks for a great weekend, friends!


  1. So happy that you loved Jeni's! I am always up for a visit if you need a salty caramel fix :)

  2. Yay! What a fun weekend. :)


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