lunch on the go

The Food Truck is back! It seems to be the hot thing for quick and simple dining lately.

Surprisingly, I've been dying to try one of the two (that I know of) food trucks around town - Mas Tacos (which now has a physical location) and The Grilled Cheeserie.

Today, my fun co-worker Shannon and I ventured out to try The Grilled Cheeserie. She blogged about it over at Why Not on a Tuesday so give that a read for the details and some pics, but I'll leave you with a quick picture of my delicious lunch.

Cheddar and Jack cheeses on Sourdough with sliced tomato and pickles and a side of tater tots.

Up next...Mas Tacos Por Favor!


  1. Danielle and I have been wanting to track that thing down! But I think i would definitely like the taco truck better.

  2. I thought of you, Nicole, because they had a spicy one with pepper jack, chorizo and some kind of jalapeño sauce! I was tempted by it.

  3. Fun! I was so happy to try them a few weeks ago!


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