birthday happy

Last week my sweet friend Molly celebrated a birthday, and I wanted to send her something to let her know I was thinking of her. She and her fantastically funny husband, J, are currently touring the country for his gig as a traveling nurse. They've been in New York since the New Year, but since I know they have to pack up and move often, I didn't want to send her anything too cumbersome.

I also know how much Molly treasures the homemade and well-thought out gifts, so I wanted to sew something simple to send her. She has great taste and arrived at my house to do my (and my mom's) make-up the day of my wedding with a suitcase full of beauty supplies, so I thought this cute little make-up brush holder would be right up her alley.

It was really a simple project - I found directions here. But it sure tested my ability to sew in a straight line!

And, it ties up real pretty to be thrown in a suitcase!

Hope you enjoy it, Molly! I sure do love our friendship and the fact that we can spend so much time apart but pick right up where we left off when we do see each other. Any chance that J could get sent to Vanderbilt? We would get into a world of fun and our husbands into a world of trouble!

In other news, my amazing husband bought me an early anniversary present this weekend.

I've been not-so-secretly coveting my friends' DSLR cameras for quite a while now, and Bob fulfilled that wish this weekend. I love it! Hopefully, that means you'll be seeing some better quality photos on the blog from now on! Once I figure it out...


  1. oh my goodness, that is the cutest little gift.
    Also, the camera is awesome!! You are soooo going to be addicted.

  2. That is such a cute gift Val! I am very impressed :)

  3. So cute, Val! And so glad you got your camera!

  4. What a cute and creative gift! You're really getting good at this whole sewing thing, lady!

  5. yay! What a sweet post! I love my snazzy and oh-so-thoughtful handmade gift! Absolutely made my day! Vandy is always an option. And you are right... Bob + J = trouble. But I wouldnt have it any other way! i love you!
    ps... awesome gift from Bob! can't wait to see pics.

  6. Cool, I'll be getting that exact same camera very soon!


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