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This post is the second in my couponing series. To read more about couponing my way, start here.

Have I mentioned I love organizing?  Well, I do. This includes my coupons. :)

Setting Up Your Coupon Holder

Materials needed:
- Coupons (obviously)
- Folder - some folks use three-ring binders, some use flexi-files, some use envelopes. I wanted something sturdy, but not bulky, and small enough to throw in my purse, so I use a flexi-file.


First, decide how you'd like to organize your coupons. Maybe by grocery store aisle? Type of product? Anything you want. I organize in kind of a hybrid way: by type of product and location in the store. If you have a great idea for organizing your coupons, let me know! There is always room for improvement.

Make a label for each of your categories. I organized mine like this:

Breakfast Items
Canned Food/Drinks
Paper Goods
Cleaning Products

Next, make your labels. You can handwrite them or use your printer or go to town with a label maker, like I did. :)

Sort your coupons and you're ready to go. See, wasn't that easy? Not that overwhelming, right?

Stay tuned for couponing tips for getting started...

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  1. I'm hosting We're Organized Wednesday through this Saturday and would love for you to link this to it. There's a great giveaway too.


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