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A while back, I bought a Groupon for a Chimpsy Photo Fieldtrip in anticipation of getting my DSLR camera. If you're not on Groupon, sign up now - GREAT deals on local restaurants, services, etc.

The Chimpsy Photo Fieldtrip is a how-to for your Point and Shoot or DSLR cameras. Chimpsy describes their DSLR class this way - "We'll take the “AUTO” training wheels off and you’ll leave this class shooting in your camera’s Aperture and Shutter priority modes." Sounds like a plan to me.

So anyways, I signed up to take my class this Saturday in downtown Nashville. Luckily for me, on the Thursday prior, I received a "Bring a Friend" promo and my friend Katie was free and willing to take the class with me. Thanks, Katie!

The class was great! We talked about white balance, aperature and shutter speed, among others - which is probably basic to you seasoned photographers, but very, very new to me. It's always great to have someone break down the basics. We spent an hour examining our cameras' many functions and an hour outside in the freezing cold (What happened, Nashville?!) shooting. (In the interest of being honest, I wouldn't have paid full price for this class. But for the price I paid with the Groupon, it was worth it. If they offer another Groupon, I'll probably take the second class.)

So that I could try out all I learned, my sweet little family took a fieldtrip of our own today...to Edwin Warner Park. Here are a few highlights from the class and today's park trip.

From top left, clockwise: 1. SATCO, 2. Batman Building 3. Pretty flowers 4. SATCO again 5. Katie and our instructor
Edwin Warner Park
Checking things out.


Love these two.

And he says he doesn't even like Tanner...yeah right.
My babies


  1. Love the pics! I practiced a little bit in my backyard yesterday with some action shots of the dogs. The class was really informative - thanks again for inviting me!

  2. yay! It's such an addictive hobby. :) Perfect colors of the tree and sky!!! And girl, you know I will always help you. Let's make our own field trip one day, and I'll be your instructor for free.

  3. Now I want a new camera! Brian should buy me one to document our daughter life right? Right. lol


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