double bacon egg & cheese biscuits

I'm not really a breakfast person. I mean, it's okay cooked by my husband on a Saturday morning. But not really my thing most mornings. It's not uncommon to catch me eating a string cheese or bag of popcorn mid-morning at work. I just don't like taking the time between waking up/showering and getting dressed/caring for puppies/hurrying out the door (late as always) to fix breakfast.

I'm always looking for "breakfast-type" recipes that we can grab and go.


Mmmm, you're salivating. Admit it.

These little pieces of deliciousness were both fun to make and quite tasty. Just ask Grace. 

She thought the nine that she devoured while we were out were a-maz-ing. Too bad her Dad didn't agree - he didn't even get to try one.

Find the recipe here.


  1. Oh yum. I'm so making these tomorrow! My mouth is watering just looking at them now!

  2. I'm putting this on the menu for this weekend! I think I'll try them with ground sausage instead of bacon...

    I found you through FTLOB! Come visit!

  3. These look SO good. Seriously, anything with bacon is amazing. Can't wait to try them when I get home from school next month. Thanks for sharing - can't wait to read more!


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