carrot cake, mmmm

I made this scrumptious looking masterpiece a while back and keep forgetting to blog about it. It was my first attempt at carrot cake and the recipe already has a permanent home in my cookbook!

Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing
Oh my, my, my it certainly was as delicious as it looked! And, because it's carrot, good for you, right? Sure.

A friend requested carrot cake and since I had never made one before, I gave it a whirl. I love, love, love carrot cake - I thought I was the only one, but there are a few new converters now...

When looking for a good recipe, where do you look first? Why, Pioneer Woman, of course! Her Momma's recipe for Sigrid's Carrot Cake is a-maz-ing. Try it...you won't be sorry.

Since I don't know how to make any recipe true to form, I finely chopped the carrots in my food processor (who likes stringy carrots in their cake? Not this girl!) and left out the pecans in the icing.

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