We celebrated Ireland last night by venturing to the local pub for a beer or two with our favorite Irish friends - Leigh and Scott.

Leigh and I post-workout, pre-beer.
A Shepard's Pie, some cabbage and two buckets-o-beer later...
Couldn't get more Irish (in America) than these two's surnames - Lindsey and Kelley.
Bob didn't wear a hint of green all day - you owe him a pinch next time you see him.
The band was obviously playing an Irish medley at this point.
I love impromptu nights with sweet, sweet friends on the first warm, dinner-on-the-patio night of the spring!


  1. Looks like a fun time!!

  2. Oh, should I love or hate you. :) Just kidding. So much fun. Let's do it again tonight!

  3. P.S. - I appreciate the use of Slainte here.

  4. I was hoping you wouldn't be mad! Well, now I know what it means so I had to use it :)


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