momma's meatloaf

I get it...meatloaf isn't everybody's idea of a good meal. To be honest, I don't like any meatloaf except my Momma's, and I always shy away from it on a menu. But it's an often requested meal at the Somerville's, and, to his delight, I occasionally give in to my husband's pleadings.

Start with the following:
1 lb ground meat*
1 egg
8 oz. tomato sauce
Shredded cheddar cheese
Crushed up cornflakes
1 small onion, chopped
S & P
2 hardboiled eggs (optional)

*I imagine you could do the same recipe with ground turkey, however, I've never tried it. If you do, let me know how it is!

Combine the meat, onion, egg and salt and pepper in a large mixing bowl. Add half of the can of tomato sauce and as much shredded cheese and crushed cornflakes as it takes to get a firm mixture.

Form a loaf on your cookie sheet. I have found that if I try to use a loaf pan, it takes a lot longer to cook the meat. Also, line your cookie sheet well with aluminum foil for easy cleanup.

If you like, make two indention in either side of the loaf and insert the peeled, hardboiled eggs. Shape the meatloaf around them. 

Mix the remaining tomato sauce with water and spoon a little bit of the mixture over the meatloaf. Cook at 375 degrees for 45 min - 1 hr, spooning the tomato sauce mixture over the loaf at each 15 minute interval.

We like to top ours with a little ketchup. Voila!
Ok, I can be honest and admit that meatloaf is not the most appetizing-looking meal. 
But I hate seeing recipes online that don't show the finished product...so here it is in all it's glory.
For this particular meal, I served the meatloaf along a twice-baked potato and some cornbread. A veggie would have been, ahem, healthy, but we had a late snack and the potatoes beat out the veggie!

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  1. I love to see a blogger as much into food and their pups as I am!! This dish looks amazingly hearty and delicious!

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