What a lovely weekend.

I took a little roadtrip to Chattanooga with Shannon to see her baby sister perform in an Indoor Percussion competition. Blast from the past for me (I played in an indoor drumline for my high school many moons ago), and I'm almost embarrassed to admit how much I enjoy watching marching band and drumline shows.  And I really enjoyed our lovely conversations in the car and over dinner...especially when Shannon realized she hadn't figured the time change into our travel plans and had to hit the gas! We made it just in the nick of time to see Jessie perform. Meanwhile, our hubby's had a little boy's night watching basketball after they got home from their respective jobs. I think we had the better day.

I love that spring is springing. My lovely bulbs that  Bob planted last fall are just starting to bloom.

My tulips are peeking out too...

The pups enjoyed the lovely weather outside as well. They took advantage of an open back door and went back and forth from the backyard to the house.

After a looooong walk, this little Cavalier is sl-eepy!

 We're all counting down the days to the next lovely weekend!

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  1. So glad you came! I had SO much fun with you too! Love that last picture of tanner-too sweet!


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