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I just love, love, love fabrics. I get so excited to go to the craft store and just look at the fabrics. I have so many great ideas when I see them - I just wish I had the time (and the skill!) to do all the things I dream of.

Everytime I go to pick up something for my sewing hobby, I come home with some new fabric - Bob lovingly supports my habit, with just the slightest roll of the eyes and minimal "Honey, what are you going to do with that?"-type questions.

These are a few of my faves as of late:

Waverly Small Talk / Blackbird
For a living room or sunroom perhaps?

Waverly Floating Petals Black
This would look great in a guestroom or as a shower curtain.

Waverly Lovely Lattice Lapis
Or this one...just about anywhere. I love blues - especially dark, rich blues. I think this would be lovely in  a master bedroom. Feminine, but masculine enough to please the husband.

And my absolute favorite as of right now? This sweet little bird print:

(Please excuse the poor quality - I took this with my iPhone in the store)
This could go so many places - a baby's nursery, an occasional chair, a throw pillow. Love. It.

Speaking of sewing, this is one of my go-to sites for sewing: Sew4home. It has easy-to-follow tutorials, and I've already made several things from their site. Check it out for some great sewing tips!

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  1. ohhhhhhhh I love fabrics too. I just went this wknd and got some for backdrops! I saw your sunroom curtain fabric. :)


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