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You may have noticed the new look of my blog - I'm still working on it a bit, but I like it! Seems I'm in the mood to redecorate a lot right now - cabin fever, maybe.

Up next? The master bedroom.

I love our bedroom. I love our furniture, the paint color and the bedding. It's perfect for us. Here's a peak:

You're probably wondering why I want to redecorate if I love it so much.

You can't see the quilt really well but it's is orange, yellow and kind of a pewtery color. Our duvet and sheets are very neutral, a beige color with just a light pattern. I really like it but recently the Mister and I have discussed switching out the quilt just for a change. I'd like to do something a little bolder and cheery for the coming warm months (come on, spring!).

(Keep in mind that we'd only be replacing the quilt and the shams - everything else will stay the same. Some of these would be a bit too much otherwise!)

I like this daisy quilt from Overstock.
Miss Daisy Quilt Set
I've always liked daisies - my Mom and I both carried them in our wedding bouquets. But the colors are a bit too close to what we already have.

Love the pop of blue in this one - but maybe not those solid shams!

I really like this one...but not so sure it would fly with Bob.

But, I think this one is my favorite.

Butterfly Poppy Patchwork Quilt

It's so "classic quilt." And such great colors. I love it. But since it's Pottery Barn, I'll probably have to keep dreaming!

And then, with a new quilt, I'll probably need new curtains...

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  1. 1. The header looks good!
    2. I agree with you - I like the pottery barn the most, and the Captiva would be my second choice.


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