what time is it?

Today, as I sleepily made my way to work, I listened to a radio show on a popular Nashville country music station. The DJs were discussing a recent Yahoo article: Things Babies Born in 2011 Will Never Know.

You know...home phones, dial-up Internet (ba-ching, ba-ching, wrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, wrrrrrrrrrrrrr - remember that loud noise that screamed, yes, you are connected?!), video tapes. Sad to think that all my old Disney movies will probably just collect dust until we replace them with Blu-Rays or whatever the next technology that promises a clearer picture and better sound is.

As the DJs brainstormed some additions to the list, I was surprised to hear one of them state that her child had never seen a watch til he pulled one out while digging through her jewelry box. (A watch? The thing that goes on your wrist and tells time? Seriously?) She loudly proclaimed that the Class of 2029 would neither wear nor recognize a watch. The other DJ quickly agreed, insisting that with cell phones that brightly display the time, there was no need to wear a watch. In fact, neither of them wore a watch (so therefore it must be true). I listened to this exchange, wondering what I was doing with that archaic timepiece on my wrist and how out of touch I really was.

Bothered as I was by this, I couldn't help but wonder...No more Swatches? No more Timexes? No Hello Kitty plastic watch for a little girl learning to tell time?

I caught myself looking at people's wrists all day to see if they wore a watch. The verdict? Yes, most people do, in fact, wear a watch. Phew, I'm not as out of touch as I thought.

So, I'll keep wearing my little Fossil watch proudly. Faithful friend he is, he's telling me it's time to grab my husband and my puppy dogs and head to bed. Goodnight all!


  1. Very excited about the blog Val!

  2. I love my little Fossil too! Watches have been around for hundreds of years; they aren't going anywhere (in my opinion)!

  3. oh no! I quit wearing watches years ago! :)


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