new beginnings

Yesterday, Bob and I attended the Inaugural Ceremony for Governor Bill Haslam with my co-worker and friend, Nicole. It was exciting, yet sad, to see the new face of the State of Tennessee take office.

We will certainly miss Governor Phil Bredesen and Fist Lady Andrea Conte - there is no denying the great things they've done for the state.

But Governor Haslam and his family are ready to take office and start a new era of Tennessee politics. Here's hoping the next four years are as good as the last four!

Courtesy: The Tennessean

PS - Nicole, of Nicole Gagliano Photography took the better of these photos. She also took the photo in my header and the one of Grace on the side. Check her out - she's fantastic!


  1. You caught me! haha. Your photos are actually really good Val, you have a good eye. Once Bob (cough) buys you a really good camera, you'll probably be selling your services too. :)

  2. Aw, thanks! Though I suspect you're just being nice!


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