i'll take a raincheck, please

It's rainy and snowy here in Nashville yet again, and I think most of the city is just over it. I know I am.

I can't wait for pretty spring flowers, warm weather and maybe a margarita on a beach somewhere...

In an effort to brighten my mood, I put these lovelies up on my kitchen windowsill.

Fake, of course, b/c I have the opposite of a green thumb - just ask the plant on my table at work that I'm trying to nurse back to life.

Here they are actually on my kitchen windowsill. 

Here's hoping for light snow and safe commutes in the morning!


  1. Love the revamp of the blog and the fact that Tanner has now made it in the pictures! Look at that baby face. Oh, and p.s., it has only been snowing here for about 20 minuts and it is COVERED already. Yipppefreakingyay.

  2. Thanks for taking the great pictures for me to use! I can't figure out how to spread it across the top of the page though.

    Be careful if you come in today.


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