girl's night

Last night was girl's night at my house.

Shannon came. So did Nicole.And, of course, Grace and I.

Tanner and Beauford crashed the party, but that's okay. Boys of the four-legged variety were allowed.

Photo by Nicole

We made yummy pizzas - don't get excited, that's Pillsbury pizza dough and jarred spaghetti sauce you see! Hey, we're working gals!

Drank a little of this...

...and enjoyed each other's company!

Thanks, girls, for keeping me company last night! We'll do it again soon - with Etta and Roxy too :)


  1. Don't be trashin' those pizzas! They were delish!

  2. Haha, I just didn't want anyone to think they were a culinary masterpiece!

  3. Thanks for having us over! You know what I could go for right now...some red velvet (whoopie???) pies. :)


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